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Now completing his 3rd year at Plymouth College of Art studying Glass, Alex has always had an interest in all types of glass work. A desire to learn how to create glass art has been a big part of his career. The experiences offered to Alex have led to him becoming more fascinated with sculptural work. Seeing a functional side to glass has opened his eyes to a wider range of work.

While studying at PCA, Alex has found a great passion for using colour to express his thoughts through his work, also using size as a factor, never afraid to push the glass a little bit more in addition pushing himself and others around him, to create bigger and bolder pieces of work that stand out on their own.








Alex has exhibited his work with fellow PCA students at Bovey Tracey, Contemporary Craft fair and sells his pieces through selected Florist shops. Working with social media to create a modern, online profile - in an industry based on techniques that haven’t changed for years.
His ambition is to become recognised in the industry as a Glassblower.

Working with glass means working as a team;  communicating with a whole range of different people and personalities is essential for the best outcome in the work. but being able to listen to others and learn from your mistakes is equally important. Glassblowing is one speciality where practice really does make perfect.

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